Local PTA Leaders

PTA is an amazing group of parents, teachers, administrators and community members – all with the common goal to make every child’s potential a reality. There are many other groups out there focused on raising money, but PTA is about more than dollars. PTA is committed to fostering family engagement and student success on every one of our campuses.

There is much work to be done, but know you are not alone. One of the greatest benefits of being a PTA Leader is access to a wide range of support and a direct connection with other volunteer Leaders to help you along the way. You are encouraged to take full advantage of Georgia PTA’s online resources and reach out to us if you need more information. We’re here to help you succeed!

Thank you for supporting the students in your community through PTA Leadership!

Resources for PTA Presidents

Incoming Officers

  • Incoming Officers Guide
  • Quick Tips for Successful Transition from Outgoing to Incoming Officers
  • The “Big Transition”-That’s when PTAs change leadership at the end of their terms in office. The “Big” Transition contains ideas from Valerie Washington of Think 6 Results that you can use to guide you as your local unit transitions from one administration to the next. Outgoing and incoming leaders should work as a team. Focus on the ongoing plan, driven by making a difference for all children, to increase parent involvement and student achievement.
  • The Year in Review-Download a list of simple questions to ask yourselves as you review your unit’s goals or objectives for the previous year, programs and activities, membership efforts, officer and board structure, and organizational operations.

Update Officers/Contact Information

Are your local unit officers receiving emails and mailings from Georgia PTA? If not, you may need to update your local unit officers and/or contact information. It’s easy to do – just follow the instructions below:

Click here to complete the Officers and Committee Chair Change Form

Email the form to gapta@georgiapta.org or print the form and fax it to 404-525-0210.

Georgia PTA has additional resources for Local PTA Leaders.